An Important Message 

from our Events Coordinator, Business Manager and Owner,
Doug Lewis

First off, I’d to take a moment to thank you for considering The New Monopoly for your special day. Also I want to address many of the common questions I encounter when discussing the booking of our group with clients. I realize there is a lot of material presented here, but with my 45 years experience in the music business, I have seen and heard it all. I know which elements need to be focused on in order to produce a night that will be remembered for years to come. My goal here is to help you avoid the pitfalls that we have seen others run into, mostly by not asking the right questions. Should you choose our group to be a part of your event, we want to work with you to make sure your special day is everything you’ve ever dreamed of.

Band or DJ?

Sound wise, nothing beats the energy and emotion of well performed live music. With us, you get the best of both worlds. Just like a DJ, we will use our experience along with the atmosphere and requests from guests to play the perfect song for that moment. No one does this as well as The New Monopoly. As well, we often get feedback that guests are amazed by how much we sound like the original recordings and artists.

The New Monopoly specializes in wedding and corporate-type events only, and has for over 20 years. If you’ve ever had the pleasure of attending an event with superior live entertainment - you understand what we're talking about. When all of your guests are out on the dance floor all night, it really creates an energy and event that will be remembered. It’s an energy that is so drastically different from a DJ just playing CDs, that words cannot express. Plus, we provide a DJ as well, to play any music you’d like during our breaks.

Music Selection and Event Flow


The New Monopoly has performed at almost every upscale venue in the region. We are often at 5-Star Hotels and Luxury Resorts, but have been spotted on boats and in barns as well. We have played hundreds and hundreds of weddings and special events. We’ve seen it all, and we think this gives us a lot of insight into knowing how a great and memorable evening is supposed to go. We have the understanding and experience to keep any event on track from the first song until we strike the final chord.


Our music library as a band is huge. We doubt you’ll find a live band anywhere with this amount of well-polished material. As well, we are constantly learning the best of each month’s top radio hits in order to stay on the cutting edge, where we excel as a group. With over 1,000 songs from the 40’s to today, we will surely please guests of all ages. We only play the best of the best music of our times.


We will work with you to select the music you want (and don’t want) us to play. You want Motown or Disco? No problem. Maybe no country but you like line dances? Done. Is there a particular religious, ethnic, or chair dance song you’d like - we probably have it. And of course, we will learn your first dance or other special request if we don’t already know it.

Lighting System

We offer our top-of-the-line stage lighting system for every performance at no additional cost. This is because we strive to give our best presentation every time. We have updated our system to include the newest in LED technologies, so it is easy and hassle free. The stunning movements and dramatic color palette will not only excite the dance floor and stage, but will create a memorable visual experience for all.


Another option we can provide is our premium room uplighting package. Up to 24 wireless, self-powered up-lights that can be programmed to match the decor of the venue or any color scheme you choose. We can precisely match the color of your dress, your hair, the cake, or really anything you want. We can help you set any mood you would like.

So How Do I Get The Best For Less?

Price is a complicated question to answer, mainly because it is tough to compare apples to apples with different bands. Usually the difference is between tiered pricing versus all-inclusive pricing.

The New Monopoly has always utilized an all-inclusive pricing policy. We decided from the beginning that we will only offer our best package, every time, no tiers, nothing missing and no surcharges or extra fees. We offer the group itself at a standard rate, and allow you to choose if you would like add any of three options: cocktail services, ceremony services and our uplighting package. If for some reason you would like or require additional performers, dancers, etc. for our presentation, please ask. But just remember that we provide ‘all-in-one’ entertainment services - no third-party vendors, no need to look anywhere else.

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