Important Questions to Ask

When Hiring A Band

Here is a list of some questions for you to consider when hiring a band for a wedding/corporate event/fund raiser, etc.  All  information presented here is intended to help you make the best decision for your needs. During our over 20 years in the entertainment business, we have listened made note of feedback from our clients, and also learned which questions are more concerning to a prospective buyer. All of these questions are presented below.

 Please contact us directly if you have a question not addressed here.

-Will the crew arrive two hours early - at no additional cost - to make sure the stage is properly set up and ready for the band to start on time?


-Is the group’s equipment up to date so they deliver a clear and punchy sound - not overly loud?


-Is the sound system appropriate for the venue? Is it large enough for the party without overloading or distorting?


-Are the sound and lighting systems safe? Are they setup so that they will present no obstacles to the guests or event flow?


-Does the group have enough, appropriate sound systems? If you are having cocktails in one location and the ceremony in another, plus the reception, you may need up to 3 different sound systems to cover your event. 


-Does the band have complete backup systems for all sound and lights in case of failure or malfunction?


-Does the band have wireless microphones for your participants, so that anyone speaking can do so from anywhere in the room? Do they provide a wireless mic for the celebrant or ceremony leader?


-Does the band have their own sound engineer with them, one who knows the music and can adjust the mix when necessary?


-Does the group offer all your music, sound and lighting needs in ‘one stop,’ without needing outside vendors to achieve what you want?


-Does the band own and operate all of the audio/visual components and equipment? If not, this means they will be adding third-party vendors - another group of unknown people into your equation, people that may or may not be of the caliber and integrity expected. You would need to ask the above questions of them as well.


-Is the band’s set up and presentation neat and hazard-free, without wires and pieces of equipment off stage? Most bands have to set up a sound board out in front of the stage, with wires going to it and a less than elegant look. Everything The New Monopoly uses and needs, fits neatly on stage.


-And perhaps, most importantly, is the group well-experienced and easy to work with?

If you hadn't guessed yet, The New Monopoly emphatically answers YES to all of these.

The New Monopoly owns all of it’s own sound and lighting equipment and update it regularly with the best available. We travel with our own sound and light engineers and with our recent upgrade, we require no ‘sound board’ - our sound and mixing is now done by wirelessly by iPad.

We have no stands, wires or equipment of any kind off stage as tripping hazards. We have multiple and appropriate sound systems, in redundancy, in case of emergency.

All of this allows for us to be in total control of not only the sound and visuals, but all personnel too. All of our people, band or crew, are required to abide by our own strict guidelines of proper personal and professional etiquette. This means we will look and sound our impeccable best every time, no matter the venue or circumstances.

Some more things to consider

Personnel and Personal Services


-Does the group have a strict no alcohol / no drugs policy?


-Is black-tie attire standard for all group members?


-Does the group have a designated person to work closely with your event planner or coordinator? Not only before the event, but during as well.


-Is the group willing to work in tandem with all other providers to assure uniform execution of your event?


-Will the band’s leader participate in a walk-through, prior to your event to ensure everyone is on the same page for set up, operation and flow?

Again - YES. 


The New Monopoly has a zero tolerance policy regarding all drugs and alcohol. Coordinated black tuxedos are standard for our male performers. Our female performers wear complimentary formal gowns. Our event coordinator and owner is available throughout the evening for all communication and cooperation with other vendors. Additionally, if a walk-through is necessary prior to the event, he will gladly join the other vendors to assure your special day goes as you plan it. We understand it takes a serious group effort to turn your event into a memory of a lifetime - and we’re just glad to be on the team.


The New Monopoly celebrates the diversity of our world and of the human condition. We have performed for couples, families and guests of all races, creeds, orientations and abilities. We are happy to work with any and all that your plans may include.

Music Selection


-Does the band have the diversity of material to satisfy your taste, as well as all of your guests?

-Does the music director actively notice the crowd response to the music being played? Is he able to change pace immediately if the dance floor isn’t packed?

-Does the band provide you with a complete song list where you can not only pick which songs you want played, but also which songs are not to played as well?

Our music director is not only responsible for orchestrating every note heard on stage, but is also especially attentive to your audience’s response. Song selection is maximized to make sure the dance floor if always full. We do not use preset or pre-selected play lists - every song is chosen on the spot and in the moment, responding to whatever the mood is right then. This amount of flexibility is unheard of for live bands this size, especially when coupled with the level of technology our group employs.

Final Thoughts


For over 20 years, The New Monopoly has been assuring that each and every client is treated with the utmost respect, and that each and every event is an unparalleled success. We are proud of our group, individually and as a whole, and are confident that we will fulfill your expectations, both musically and professionally.


The most important aspect to the successful execution of any event is communication and making sure everyone is on the same page. With that in mind, we are always available to discuss the specifics of your event and look forward to being a part of your special day. Whether you choose The New Monopoly or not, we offer congratulations and thank you for considering our group.


R. Doug Lewis

Event Coordinator and Business Manager


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