Here is a basic guide to our services.  Please consider these as just a guide.  

We are happy to work with you to create exactly the package of services you desire.

New Monopoly is available as a 5, 7 or 8 piece group.  We are a group of professional musicians celebrating our 20th anniversary this year (2019) and are proud to provide an unforgettable live entertainment experience.  Options include:

     - 5 piece group - (Jay - Drums/Vocals; Justin - Keyboards/Vocals/Sax/Flute/Bass; Doug - MC/Vocals/Guitar; Brian - Guitar/Vocals; Jessica - Keyboards/Flute/Vocals.)

     - 7 piece group - includes everyone in the 5 piece group adding (Patrick - Trumpet/Vocals; David - Saxes/Vocals)

     - 8 piece group - includes everyone in the 5/7 piece group adding a second female vocalist.

     - All versions include a full rhythm section, including drum kit, bass, keyboards and guitars 

The band is composed of full-time members, many who have been with the group for nearly its entire 20 year history.This is NOT a 'pick-up band' that randomly chooses members from a roster of whoever might be available for a given date.  Our group uses custom arrangement specifically written to capture the feel and sound of the original recordings.  With regular members, we are able to perform a song list of 1000+ songs with confidence.

- State of the Art Concert Sound & Full Lighting System

- Personalized/ customizable playlist of over 1,000 songs!  We encourage all clients to select those songs


they'd prefer to hear and those they'd prefer we avoid.

- MC for the entire event

- DJ services are included, providing continuous music for the duration of your event.  You may supply a


playlist of your choosing or we are happy to provide a mix of current (or other) music.


- A single point-of-contact for the entire day of the event

(Additional musicians and/or dancers are available upon request.

Package A - The New Monopoly

Includes everything in Package A:

- The New Monopoly for your reception/event

- Sound & Lights, MC and DJ, Personalized Playlist,


A Cocktail Pianist for live piano music during your cocktail hour

Package B - The New Monopoly, plus Live Cocktail Piano

Package C - The New Monopoly, Cocktail Piano,

                             plus Ceremony Services

Includes everything in Packages A & B:

- The New Monopoly for your reception or event

- Sound & Lights, MC and DJ, Personalized Playlist, Cocktail Pianist


Ceremony Services: A Full Sound System (including wireless microphone for celebrant) and

music program with pre-recorded music of your choosing.

In Addition - Premium Wireless Uplighting

- For any ballroom, reception area or tent

- Self-powered and cable free

- 24 fixtures available

- Infinite color options, allowing you to light your reception area in any color you choose.

   We can match the lighting to your decor, corporate colors, or even your favorite sports team.


If you should require additional musicians, dancers, lighting or almost anything else - please ask our Event Coordinator. If he can't make it happen, no one can. Plus, he's a really nice guy.

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